Why Renewable Energies?


Why reducing the CO2 Footprint?
Why reducing the CO2 Footprint or the so-called greenhouse gases? To forward the right Renewable Energies for an economically diverse future & for a better sustainable life of all & to save energy - is the best work we can do for our planet! Taking care for others, for humans and our natural heritage on this planet is the best way to stay in the hearts and minds forever!

Everywhere heavy storms and change of weather cause destruction of nature, destruction of nurturing land and crops. Also new desertification areas lead in the end to famine and migration. This devastation, the world climate change is widely connected to the C02 footprint, i. e. too much CO2 in the air, which we can count in tons. We can do a lot to prevent the “burn-out” of the globe and to create collectively a good future! We can start out to save energy at home, in the office and in industry. Instead, fossil oil reserves might be saved for purposes in medicine and chemistry.

The CO2 footprint or the greenhouse gases are largely caused by burning and misuse of fossil energy sources as mineral oil, natural gas, coal.  Other reasons are animal farming, spread of fertilizer and damaging of peat areas.

In Germany in 2014 burning of fossil energy was responsible for 84. 5 per cent of CO2 Footprint.

26 April 2016:  http://www.umweltbundesamt.de/daten/land-forstwirtschaft/landwirtschaft/beitrag-der-landwirtschaft-zu-den-treibhausgas. The Data from Germany 2014 analysed by State Agency for Environment:

  • 84.5 per cent of CO2 (greenhouse gas) emissions caused by burning of fossil energy
  • 7.3 per cent of equivalents of gases caused by agriculture - animal farming and spread of fertilizer 
  • 6.8 per cent caused by industrial processing


In 2014 German agriculture unfortunately was responsible for 66 mio tons CO2 emissions in animal farming with the spread of economic fertilizer i.e. manure! In Germany CO2 emissions are in addition to emissions caused by burning of fossil energy widely connected to the emissions caused by methane emissions (CH4) in animal farming, the spread of economic fertilizer i. e. manure “Gülle / Mist” and N2O gas as an effect of the nitrogen fertilization of agricultural land – be it mineral or organic.  The article of the ministry/Umweltbundesamt describes that for 2014 year analysis 58.00 per cent of the complete methane gas emission (CH 4) and 79 per cent of the emissions of the gas N2O are produced in German agriculture. In 2014 German agriculture unfortunately was responsible for 66 mio tons CO2 emissions produced by such equivalents. This are 7.3 per cent of the whole CO2 footprint of the year 2014 in Germany!!! In Germany the agriculture is - after the emissions by the burning of fossil fuels - with 84.5 per cent the second largest producer of CO2 – even before the industrial processing with only 6.8 per cent.  

What about Nuclear power plants?

Nuclear power plants – using nuclear fission based on uranium to produce energy - do not cause CO2 emissions – however they are a risk for the health, and to be avoided. Nuclear Fission must not be confused with Nuclear Fusion systems . Nuclear power plants do not cause CO2 emissions, instead Uranium is used in Nuclear Power Plants. Uranium does not do any damage to beings when left in the earth. However: Mining of uranium, the transport or storage of nuclear waste causes many awful diseases and cancers. People living near nuclear power plants are living in a risk area – in concern of their health. Depleted uranium – made of the fuel rods of the nuclear power plants – is used in modern weapons. Even shooting on a training ground may spread the death. Furthermore: Nuclear energy generation might be considered the most expensive way of producing electricity – including the treatment and storage of nuclear waste. Read more about the theme at http://www.nuclear-free-future.com/en/

Renewable energies sources often do damage to humans, flora and fauna

To name three examples - if Big wind turbines are built at the wrong places they kill birds or birds and even other beings.

In solar thermal industry, we might avoid systems, which concentrate the rays of the sun at one point – as solar power towers do. In US in a single day 137 birds were killed, because birds are attracted through the intense light.

Sustainable Oil/Vegetable Oil/Biogas plants - Crops: misuse of farmland:

Vegetable oil as fuel is considered very critical since produced often in countries where rain forest is damaged to harvest it! Despite alliances to control it as “RSPO, Round table of Sustainable Palmoil” (see Wikipedia, Germany). Sustainable oil is used in cogeneration.  A classic example of misguided subsidies is as well the misuse of precious farmland  to cultivate crops only for biogas plants