Why Protection?


We have to recognise the need to protect! Conservation is also very good for Business! We have to emphasis our complete focus not even on endangered species, but all species on this globe, on all flora and fauna. We acknowledge our responsibility to society, the community & the environment to conserve and strengthen the world’s natural heritage for us & the generations to come. Please consider that we are loved by our good deeds, never ever by greed!

This declaration commits participating companies of Royal Network & Production Alliance to act with responsibility and increase awareness about the nature and environment. We encourage our Royal Network & Production Alliance partners to constantly seek ways to share best practices and innovative methods in their collaborations and with their colleagues for this goal! Good protection & conservation  is not just about complying with applicable laws – compassion it is also very good for business! H.E. Mr. Al Baker said: “Our discipline and our compassion have driven the success of Qatar Airways over the first 20 years, from an airline with just four aircraft to a leading airline of today, with a fleet of over 190 aircraft – all of the youngest and most technologically advanced and efficient aircraft in the world.” http://www.qatarairways.com/global/en/press-release.page?pr_id=pressrelease_capa

Partnerships and alliances based on discipline & compassion continue to play an important role for the needs of the future of our planet and of future markets. Every day in every ministry, in every company, in every department, in every activity and conversation, we make protection in environmental sustainability, environmental effort and environmental success our goal one!

Please consider here as well the increase in tourism with truly content tourists in an environment that provides a unique and unrivalled experience - to name only one example for an economically diverse future. These are true world-class tourist destinations, were we see & experience that humans, animals and plants are protected. Such tourism industry, a sustainable and diverse tourism industry is experiencing considerable growth!  These flag-bearers & ambassadors will be admired, appreciated and loved by all! That is a fact!