Offering Market Leaders


We are offering & introducing few selected market leaders in Renewable Energies at the Arabian Gulf Countries. Those selected leading companies have proven to be valuable partners! We are validating the value, reliability and performance of European market leaders over the years. Trustworthy partnerships and alliances continue to play an important role for the needs of the future of our planet & future markets.

Some companies have our longstanding appreciation of the quality of their products and their dedication to providing world class customer service. Our partnership with these companies has grown and strenghtened over the years, thus it may be considered as a fitting testament to our market leaders’ steadfast commitment to delivering proven, innovative & reasonable solutions and technological excellence to their customers.

We are humbled to know that our efforts to offering market leaders are recognised in the industry and in ministries throughout the past years, even the past decade. We look all forward to many more years of fruitful cooperation and increased business that will foster the diversification and development of GCC business and the business of our European companies.

“Each One a True Business Partner”: We pre-select and evaluate companies before we connect. Our companies offer a portfolio of distinctive products, based on European Standards. As an example, our solar thermal products are designed to provide highest efficiency, are nearly free of maintenance and are proven under harsh conditions of temperatures at the Arabian Gulf since 2011 or in the Nordics, as Norwege.

Our companies have invested substantially in improving systems and processes with operations, cost control and management to enhance efficiency and cost-saving in their end-to-end business processes with the customers. Thus, Royal Network & Production Alliances’ companies may not all participate in tenders. We encourage investors, ministries and business owners to capitalise on the opportunity presented by this offering to diversify their countries’ products & service. Thus increasing their groups’ & ministries’ or governmental agencies’ financial results as revenue and operating income. One of our owners answered to one of the latest  inquiries from GCC in Oct 2016: 

We have the leading products and a deep understanding and experience in these technologies. But we are not interested to fight and teach all involved partners as engineers and contractors to convince them in the best solution.”

Our valued clients receive as well consulting in technological support by our company-owners directly!

For further information about our companies, please contact us.