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19 June 2017, backstage information: German Car industry has with the manipulations and the trickery around the exhaust gas purification not only harmed itself massively and has to pay now heavily in the USA, a worldwide search for VW managers was launched in late June 2017.  Germany’s car industry - by its only goal of making money – seems now less developed than other international car industry competitors. The best hybrid cars - combining petrol and electric – are said to be made by Japanese car industry.  And indeed also the protectors of the German car industry, the Federal Office for Motor Traffic and the Ministry of Transport / Traffic with Minister Dobrindt (now until June 2017) seem to have harmed the German industry very much: Because they seem to have covered and defended the criminal acts for years they not only have seriously damaged the progress in car industry, they have damaged the reputation of Germany.


12 Jan 2017, VW:  Six other leading and former managers of VW have to tremble because of criminal charges in the US because of cover-up in case of Dieselgate, one manager  was arrested by the  FBI at 07 Jan 2017 in Miami. „Responsible persons and companies are held responsible for the miscarriages of companies“, said Loretta Lynche, US minister of justice und .


Nov 2016, ADACMotorwelt 11/2016, p. 28: The article is headed “Cheating on the track”. The ADAC checks through realistic measurements wether the exhaust gases on the test bench are manipulated. Since the beginning of the 90ties the emissions and consumption of a vehicle are examined in NEFZ, a test which takes place exclusively on the test bench in the laboratory. Nitrogen oxide is tested (NOx),  Hydrocarbon (HC), Carbonmonoxide (CO), and Carbondioxide (CO2  i.e. CO2). The NEFZ  (i.e. Neuer Europäischer Fahrzyklus) is said to have two weak points: The frame measurements are not very strict and “allow” many legal “improvements”, on the other hand the average speed on the 11 km is only 34 km/h. Thus in 2017 a new test is introduced, the WLTP (Worldwide Harmonized Light Duty Test Procedure), with an average speed of 47km/h on 23.26 km. The problem: This good test is also a test bench cycle and the results can be manipulated by software as well as VW made it at the NEFZ. To avoid manipulation the EU introduces the RDE road measurement with a PEMS- gadget (portable emissions measurement system) and the car has to drive on true roads, a fixed share of the city, land and highway. The RDE-EcoTest of the ADAC runs 91 km, between 100 and 120 minutes and test up to three times the results of the same car.


Oct 2016,, p. 25: Abs Expert Dr. Axel Friedrich teaches the car industry the fear. Article in eve5.: Dr. Axel Friedrich is said to be the Sherlock Holmes of the Dieselgate, since 2011. He works closely with DUH (Deutsche Umwelthilfe). They knew that VW – and many other car manufacturers – in Germany betray, but they did not assume that they would dare to do this in USA also! The fraud is in the manipulation of the exhaust gas purification, which only works on the test bench, but not in the normal road life. Because of the nitrogen oxide NOx pollution in many cities there is now an EU procedure against Germany. Environmental organisations, which are consulted by Dr. Axel Friedrich sue cities and car manufacturers as Opel, Fiat, Mercedes. He assumes they will win all the processes because the statements in nitrogen oxide pollution simply are wrong. Because on average the emission of nitrogen oxides is seven times as high as prescribed. Dr. Axel Friedrich and his crew measure on the road values of 550mg/km with a prescribed limit of 80! It is expected that in EU 430,000 humans will die by nitrogen oxides. Dr. Axel Friedrich lives in Berlin, a searched for international working Abs expert. He strives for fresh air on the whole globe, since world climate change threatens our livelihood.