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Whether wind kite systems work or not, is not known in Nov 2016. However, the advantage of wind dragons is that wind in their heights more continually blows than closer to the ground. Google already in 2013 bought one of world’s more than 20 companies engaged in developing wind dragons: The Makani-Project claimed, to increase the efficiency of conventional wind turbines by more than 50 per cent and at same time to reduce materials by 90per cent! The Makani has an efficiency of 600kw. It is propelled by 4 propels up to 450 meters heights. Makani has now a width of 9 meters, 28 meters are planned to be tested soon.

A project in Germany is from NTS Energie und Transportsysteme in Berlin where a dragon is pulling a power-generating carriage on a rail-track in a circle.

EnerKite from Kleinmachnow in Germany developed a small power plant in the size of a container, easy to transport. Here the dragon flies in heights of 200 – 300 meters, the dragon rope drives a generator winds. In 2017 it is said to produce enough energy for 200 households