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Big Wind Turbines without Eco-Audit: Big Wind-Turbines or smaller wind turbines produce energy without any CO2 emissions. They contribute to produce energy in an environmental friendly way. Unfortunately until today an Energy Environmental Accounting/Eco Audit  was not yet submitted (information from German Ministerial side), which comprises the whole chain from extraction of raw materials as steel up to scrapping and erecting new power line systems. Furthermore there is another problem with wind energy: In periods with strong winds there might be an overcapacity in the generation of current, but in calm periods there will be a lack of it. Other means of current generation have to be held available to compensate for this situation. Many companies from abroad want to invest into the German energy market, since the German EEG law (Erneuerbare Energien Gesetz) seems to guarantee further profits, despite significantly reduced subsidies.  

On the downside, wind turbines can kill bats and birds, especially raptors. We might all care together for their survival: Big Wind-Turbines can be of enormous damage to raptors – if at the wrong place. In that case they are about to reduce populations. The problem is the industrialist’s wind lobby, which tries to ignore this impact to the biodiversity of our planet everywhere. Wind parks in Egypt at the Red Sea: Exactly this route is travelled each year by hundreds and thousands of eagles, other raptors and storks. Such birds do not have sensors to avoid the deadly blades of the turbines. Here in Germany people are very upset about what happens in Egypt to the migrating birds. Few miles aside, this danger would not occur, out side of the routes.