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19 Dec 2014 Tidal energy projects: These projects use wave and tidal power of the oceans: Due to the article the world’s largest tidal project (in German language Strömungskraftwerk) MeyGen was planned to go into operation before Scotland’s coast, the coast of Caithland in Jan 2015. Up to 269 turbines will be installed to produce electrical energy for up to 175,000 homes. In an announcement to investors as the Guardian cites, they write: “We believe MeyGen is the worlds’ largest planned tidal project with a capacity of 400 MW”. We in Royal Network & Production Alliance hope, a qualified Eco Audit/Environment Impact Assessment was done including the protection of water birds, cetaceans, fish and other biota. We do assume that the underwater turbines do not shred the underwater creatures, what easily might be - but that they are protected by inventions of the engineers. Dependent on the construction and adjacent shallow water areas may be affected.