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See here please in the link below the length of the point 6 “risks”. These plants are not even free of CO2 – greenhouse gaze emissions, compared to other Renewable energy sources. Thus I can not consider them a truly sustainable, renewable source of energy.

There usually are major industrial projects to exploit this critical energy source. These not only seem to devour millions of tax Euros in Germany. Other Renewable energy sources often are far more efficient in producing electricity.

The following explanatory lines are from a hand-out (about 2013) in our region, investigation was done by a very engaged journalist: Big Geo Thermal Plants use the warmth in the earth of 100-150 degree Celsius to convert it into electrical current. The efficiency seems to be very low. It needs a bore / drilling into the depths of the earth between 500 up to 5,000 meters. The warmth seems to be generated by radio active decay processes. Furthermore, these plants cause many small earthquakes, are very bad for the nature and even seem to use chemicals. Two Geo Thermal Energy Plants in Germany (Landau and Unterhaching close to Munich in Germany) were in the focus: The one in Landau caused visible building damages. Both burdened the municipalities with high depths.

Small Geo Thermal Energy plants up to 400 meters deep – as to another information given to me - draw out the warmth of the earth and in cold winters plants in the gardens die.