Opening Doors


Royal Network & Production Alliance is a long-standing and proven Service Provider. We are introducing & connecting selected market leaders in Renewable Energies with greater access to states at the Arabian Gulf. We have a special relationship with the people in this region and I am pleased to be able to offer our clients in GCC as well the opportunity to connect to our network of selected companies and even visit them in Europe!

Royal Network & Production Alliance was founded in 2004 with the intention of serving the ministries and private sector in Arabic states with contacts, products & services from best “royal” manufacturers in many fields of activity. Thanks to long-term business-relationships and my experience in Middle East, we are offering developed contacts or we develop new connections depending to the European customer’s needs.

Constantly we re-launched our company with the mission of becoming a provider of the most technologically advanced manufacturers. Now in 2017 we decided to provide with selected market leaders in Renewable Energies only - to reinforce our commitment to serving the humans and natural heritage of our globe and our own livelihood.

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Dr. Stephanie von Werz-Kovacs’ profile

Dr. Stephanie von Werz-Kovacs, a highly motivated individual, has been a Director Corporate Marketing of a German market leader were she worked at various levels. Later she developed – a core competence - the contacts in industrial marketing for the groups’ five companies in Munich. Having been invited in this position to Cairo, she decided to cancel her job, to found her own company and to access the Arab markets – owed to the polite behaviour of the Arab businessmen and businesswomen. She collected in the last 17 years of operations experiences & insights with almost all renowned companies as Lufthansa, Mercedes or Siemens to name only three. Born in Germany, she is a graduate PhD in Cultural Anthropology or Ethnology (German University of Freiburg/ Breisgau, close to France and Switzerland).